Monday, 9 April 2012

Man in the Mirror

I am a kind, courteous person with a raging sensitivity for all existence. My heart bleeds involuntarily to events I have no control over, my soul cries at the thought of injustice, harm and misfortune. I am truly there for my fellow man when I am needed with all the love and support I can afford at their mercy...

..I am also, however, quite a busy person with a lot of responsibilities on my head. I struggle to express emotion, love and dependence as I have been brought up to face matters without letting the small matter of "how I may feel about it", get in the way. Lastly, importantly and apologetically I also tend to get quite angry, rather quickly. I apologise for this as it is beyond my could be for a multitude of reasons, or for no valid reason at all. I think of anger as unannounced therapy, a sort of..."let me grit my teeth for a little while" if you will.

Judging by the difference in volume between the above paragraph and the first, I can already begin to see the disparity between me and the man in the mirror. It is very easy to take a Michael Jackson approach to the remainder of this post and quote Gandhi to encourage people to "be the change they way to see in the world"  but I won't...

...because selfishly, this post is about Me Plc.

Sod the world, forget its problems, ignore that there is anything going on other than the blood flowing between your heart and mind.


This is about Legacy. When people interact with you, whether for the first time or the last, what side of the mirror to they get to meet? 

Do you introduce them to the fundamental you, stellar values, maturity and unwavering sensitivity? Or do they meet the lesser reflection, who "deep down" is a wonderful person. The truth is in most cases you only have one opportunity to make that decision. Dont be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Yes it will undoubtedly make you feel vulnerable, some people may not welcome it as sincerely but you have shifted all external evil from your character. 

Despite its deep intricacy, the human mind is very black and white. When analysing people, we seldom give due credit to their surrounding environment or circumstances, though some may argue that 90% of what we experience is a direct product of exactly that. 

So I ask you, is it easier to change the perception of all humankind or just your own actions. Do not associate what is happening in your life with how you interact with people, there is NO excuse for it, and ultimately you are doing yourself a diservice...Go on, start now, what's the worst that can happen, you will impart love? sensitivity? concern?....friendliness?

And then sit and think...that was a pretty selfless act of selfishness.

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