Introduction - Press Pause

Often, we will have conversations with friends and family and the tone will take a particularly deep, meaningful or even philosophical turn.

Questions such as "why are we on this planet?", "Do you realise how fortunate we are?" and the ever classic "what is the meaning of life?"often engulf the fragility of many post midnight discussion topics.

What ensues is an opening of the mind and various thoughts that make us imminently want to:

- become better people
- be more charitable
- take more time out for our loved ones

A deep sense of fulfilment will overcome the spiritual self and a clear roadmap to eternal well-being will be earnestly chalked out prior to setting the alarm clock for the forthcoming day.

The truth is, what we discuss in those few moments is really what we as humans were designed to do. It is no secret that some of the greatest movements in history have come as a result of somebody taking a moment to STOP and PAUSE. A lesser obvious but equally pertinent fact is as a race we have been forced to ignore the innocent button that lies between PLAY and STOP on the proverbial tape recorder. It is for this very reason the wretched morning alarm clock acts as a brain wiping claxon where in lemming fashion we all stand to attention shamelessly erasing every iota off wellness we imbibed from the night before.

With this said...welcome to The Pause Button; food for thought, bridging the fireside chat to your daily life, reminding you that in between PLAY and STOP exists PAUSE but ultimately making the alarm clock represent an opening of the mind ...not the eyes.