Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Power of Integrity

At our core, we must accept that life is like a set of scales. It is therefore the case that if one wishes to maintain a certain level of existence, one must input exactly what he is extracting. 

The same is true in our working and personal lives, one only manages to reap what he has  sown, directly or indirectly. The key realisation stems from the latter half of that statement and is possibly the hardest part to grasp. 

See, nothing in this world is unconnected, disjointed or truly isolated. The particles of this Earth are very much affected by what we emit mentally, this might sound like nonsense but the following example may highlight a horrible year in somebody's life but a beautiful blossoming of the same persons destiny:

Mr Smith dreamt of running his own business, always read about what kind of business he would start and one day hoped to have the courage to make the plunge.

Later on that year, Mr Smith lost his job and was faced with dire financial straits, he saw starting his own business as his only option.

A year later Mr Smith was back on his feet, met a lovely partner through one of his supplier and was living happily with half the earnings but twice the satisfaction.


Everything we do in life, be it at work or at home, should be well intentioned and exude our integrity.

The world is often referred to as "Small" but few associate this with the spiritual strata which hovers above our head at all times. It is for this very reason our good deeds in London could affect our relationships in Hong Kong and our bad deeds in New York could get us fired in Paris.

Ultimately all we have is our integrity, make sure that the particles surrounding your aura are at peace...'cos they're following you.

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