Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What is your default state?

Almost everybody reading this post will have at some time in their life had their heart beat measured. 

The average adult heart beat in a state of resting is between 60 - 90bpm...this is considered "normal"....but remind me why a state of "resting" considered "normal"? I would argue it is anything but "normal", in fact I can't think of a single time in the day (other than maybe when I am having my heart beat measured) that I am ever in a state of "resting". 

As humans we are thoroughly uneducated about how to control the most powerful machinery  on the planet - our minds. I was recently advised that people tend to consider sleeping as an escape from stress and anxiety. More often than not, they wake feeling groggy and disorientated, the classic "hit by a bus" metaphor. The truth is, unless we train our brain to periodically settle in a state of resting, it is constantly running at a dangerous speed requiring more and more work from the heart...this results in a catastrophic premature deterioration of health.

so in saying that STOP and PAUSE

When was the last time you sat completely still, in complete silence and solitude and observed your heart beat?

The heart is like a car engine...what would happen if you were to never take your foot off the pedal in a stationery position?

Take 5 mins in the morning, afternoon and before bed...to sit, and bring your being to its default position.

You may be surprised by the person you get to meet, you will be surprised at how alien it feels to have personally manufactured a state of calm...

Ultimately, you will question why it is you don't feel like this more often.

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