Monday, 2 April 2012

Patience - worth its wait in Gold

Patience begins by having enough of it to read all of this post, in fact we need patience to learn about it therefore fundamentally flawed?

What if we are not born with it? I certainly am not, I have had it (in small doses) drummed into me; How? well, if you have to wait for enough things in life you learn to embrace it, a bit like a physical inadequacy you may have...some things are beyond your control. I would go as far as to say that most things are beyond your control. All those that beat the drum of "you make your own destiny", I agree with you whole heartedly, but none of you can ensure the length of time it will take to get there...herein lies the time space where one is required to exercise "patience".

A wise man once said "it will all be alright in the end...and if its not, you know it is not the end yet".  STOP and PAUSE

Sometimes we want things far before their time is right in our lives. There is always a greater plan that man is at the mercy of. This certainly does not mean that we drop all our "weaponry" and free fall into the arms of a virtual destiny, but certainly give fate its due credit when in a state of self pity, self loathing or even self harm. 

Those who are of faith or spirituality will be able to draw upon instances and even scripture where the value of patience has been amplified across the spectrum:

"Good things come to those who wait".

"Patience is a virtue".

It is interesting to note that no other human trait/quality/characteristic has been given quite as much attention through the ages. I have whittled all the superlatives into a simple science behind the art of patience (because it is an art for most of us):

The practice of patience benefits nobody other than the you. Treat it as a form of worship or exercise that will build in your character equity. Truth be told, the poison of anger, frustration and impatience is far more corrosive than the pinch of hard-forced momentary smile.

And so I stand with you in the gap between now and our destiny, let us all smile as; 

When it is all said and is simply, beautifully and unreservedly about patience...nothing else, but wait...

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