About Me

I find it slightly uncomfortable introducing myself to the online ether without any real request by anybody to know who I am.

However, I believe it is important to know a bit about my background to be able to appreciate exactly where the topics I write about stem from. I am blessed to have access to a plethora of thinkers in my friends and family, we are by no means intellectuals nor philosophical illuminati but merely in tune with the under currents of daily life. 

Some topics are offshoots of conversations I have had, most are the offspring of a myriad of experiences I have had in a very short space of time for one reason or another. Much is also derived from a religious/spiritual influence, the guise of which I would prefer to keep secret... so members from all faiths can recognise the commonalities in our basic "humanology".

Above all else, the aim is to capitalise on the wellness equity that we build through fleeting moments of inspiration.